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Gold Pearl Earrings Very Little Production

Golden Pearl is a kind of mariculture beads, Gold Pearl Earrings is white navy pearl brother. Gold pearls are made of white lipped or gold Lipped, which are mainly distributed in Burma, New Guinea, India, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, China, Thailand and other places. Because of its huge size, Gold Pearl Earrings it can be cultured 9 ~ 16mm white or gold Nanyang pearls, golden pearl production is very small, expensive.

Myanmar farming white Nanyang pearl about 50 years of history, Gold Pearl Earrings in the production of white pearls at the same time, the production of golden pearls, Gold Pearl Earrings it is reported that about 15 years ago has produced the best quality gold pearls, in order to meet the needs of the world on white pearls, Gold Pearl Earrings Stop the production of golden pearls and go to the production of white Nanyang pearls.

Japanese gold pearls are produced in Okinawa around Omari Island, Gold Pearl Earrings Okinawa area is the site of aquaculture pearls, produced by pearls and other countries are not the same, quite distinctive, slightly copper green.

Australia is a veteran of the breeding of white Nanyang pearls, Gold Pearl Earrings has become the world's largest white pearl production, the most income of the country, Gold Pearl Earrings but also the production of golden pearls. The pearls from the light yellow to golden yellow.

Hainan, China is not only Ma's shellfish cultured sea pearl beads, Gold Pearl Earrings and white lips shellfish, black lips, breeding white, black pearl. Thus providing the basic conditions for the production of golden pearls.

Golden pearls are currently produced in Myanmar, Malaysia, Gold Pearl Earrings Japan, China, Australia and so on, but the production is less, and under normal circumstances the golden pearl and white Nanyang pearl symbiotic or associated with only Indonesia is the world's only independent breeding golden pearl country The

Golden pearl is produced in the gold lips, Gold Pearl Earrings the mussels of the largest individual, so nurtured out of the size of the Nanyang gold pearl is also very large. The most common size of the general 9-15mm, the largest 18MM, according to historical records currently found the largest 21MM. Gold Pearl Earrings The picture below the gold lip shell, so smooth and dazzling inner shell breed gold beads is not surprising

It is worth mentioning that the concentration of gold beads and the thickness of the beads have a direct relationship between the following is my home to do the experimental cut natural pearls,Gold Pearl Earrings we can compare

Nanyang pearl mother is very rare and its more sensitive to the requirements of the environment is very high, must be in the calm of the deep sea without pollution to survive. Gold Pearl Earrings So the cultivation of Nanyang pearls is very difficult, while its breeding cycle is very long, must ensure that the pearl shell placed at the bottom of the sea at least health to live for six years to harvest pearls. General Nanyang pearls can only rely on marine fishing, plus the Australian government on the annual Nanyang mother of pearl shellfish to develop a small limit and strict management regulations, so the production of Nanyang Golden Pearl is very rare, resulting in gold Pearl prices have been high.

In the market Jinzhu jewelry is generally ring earrings pendants and other forms of this single. Jinzhu pearl is very rare and rare, so it is not easy to make them a lot of jewelry, Gold Pearl Earrings or even string into a necklace is not so simple The From a lot of pearls in the selection of a string of symmetrical golden pearl necklace, is really difficult, often takes 6 months to 12 months. A gold pearl bare chain is very expensive, generally more than ten million or more

1, the simplest is the price recognition method. Gold Pearl Earrings Natural gold pearl general price is very expensive. A thousand to 10,000 or so a price. Gold Pearl Earrings If you see the market there are tens of dollars or one or two hundred dollars a gold pearl, then certainly is a fake.

2, friction listening sound method. Gold Pearl Earrings You can rub the two gold pearls each other, the sound of natural gold pearl will be the kind of sand feeling, Gold Pearl Earrings and the artificial gold pearl is the feeling of sliding.

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