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Gold Pearl Earrings The Role

How does the pearl earrings match? According to different face stature of women, Gold Pearl Earrings you can choose different styles of pearl earrings. Pearl earrings with the principle can follow the following points:

1: pearl earrings with the principle of - complementary law.

(1) the direction of the line: horizontal line is wide and short feeling, Gold Pearl Earrings the vertical line gives the feeling of thin, slash also has enhanced the role of high and thin. Gold Pearl Earrings So the long section of the pearl earrings can be more elongated face effect.

(2) repetitive jewelry: a stressed role, so do not want to emphasize the weakness of the face, Gold Pearl Earrings do not wear repetitive jewelry. For example, face obesity, Gold Pearl Earrings should not wear a lot of circles round earrings or multi-circle pearl necklace. On the contrary body, face can choose such a small style.

3) height and body type ratio: jewelry and your height and body type should have a correct ratio. The so-called correct, is the habit of ordinary people and the proportion of love, Gold Pearl Earrings is just right, not too small or too large proportion.

(1) pointed: pointed and can be called heart-shaped, that is, Gold Pearl Earrings You can choose to enhance the width of the lower part of the ornaments, such as you can choose the triangle design of the pearl earrings, wearing a sharp angle when the top or the upper metal design slightly elongated, Gold Pearl Earrings the next pearl slightly larger models.

(2) long thin type: can be used with a large circular structure of the pearl earrings, so you can achieve the effect of shortening the face.

(3) round / short face type: If the beads round Yu Run face, Gold Pearl Earrings should choose a straight line of pearl earrings with. Can be selected with vertical slender jewelry like fine chain, rod-type earrings, to face "elongated" effect.

Round, round the design of the circle but make the face look more round. Gold Pearl Earrings The line has a sharp pearl earrings, you can highlight the cheekbones, reducing the feeling of fat face.

(4) Oval: If you have an oval face, really want to congratulate you. Gold Pearl Earrings This shape is the most perfect, what shape design pearl earrings will be appropriate with the only thing to note is the proportion of it with your body. If your face is oval, but a little too long, round or ring-shaped earrings can make your face shape gives a sense of a little wide.

(5) square: very few people face is a square, Gold Pearl Earrings usually have a long side of the side of the cheek. With the round, oval, pearl earrings can help reduce the [square] feeling; and [V] shaped pearl earrings can be made to look more slender, below the more sharp.

(6) is triangular: very few people are triangular, Gold Pearl Earrings narrow on the narrow, generally choose a larger pearl earrings with a short hair cover the lower jaw, Gold Pearl Earrings the design can choose the inverted triangle of the face complement each other, so that the whole to achieve harmony Consistent.

More than how the pearl earrings with the skills, such as combined with personal preferences, hair, makeup and the actual wear occasions, the effect is better. Pearl earrings design with the existence of diversity, should be dominated by your personal temperament, choose the most appropriate.

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