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Gold Pearl Earrings Pure

Nanyang Golden Pearl to mellow and elegant temperament to impress women, become female temperament endorsement. Nanyang gold pearl huge, round, pure, innate natural beauty and bright natural luster to show unparalleled elegance, style, is one of the most popular pearls. However, now the market price of Nanyang gold pearls, Gold Pearl Earrings Nanyang gold pearl price difference why so disparate?

Nanyang gold pearl referred to as "Golden Pearl", is a kind of Nanyang pearl. Golden pearl produced in the lips, this mussels individual largest, so nurtured out of the size of the Nanyang gold pearl is also very large. The most common size is generally 9-15mm, the largest 18MM, according to records found that the largest South Sea beads diameter reached 21MM. As the Nanyang Golden Pearl breeding is difficult, long incubation period, the output is extremely scarce, the Australian government on the annual Nanyang mother of pearl shellfish to develop a small limit and strict management regulations, Golden Pearl global annual output of less than 100 kg, As well as gold pearl price doubled every year, Gold Pearl Earrings become popular goods! So Nanyang gold pearls in terms of precious or price are called: the king of pearls

For the market price of Nanyang gold pearl so much difference between the price, it is not surprising, "for the Nanyang Golden Pearl, the quality is different, Gold Pearl Earrings the size of the price difference is very different." The better the quality, the greater the pearl, then the price of pearls The higher it is. High-quality Nanyang gold pearl must have the shape of round, shiny, leather table and other characteristics of the net, and those shapes are not round, no light, skin defects and more pearl prices is certainly very low. As for the size of pearls on the price of gold pearl is also its key role. The greater the shape of the pearl cultivation more difficult, the longer the incubation time, Gold Pearl Earrings so the greater the shape of the pearl is more rare, things vaguely expensive, Gold Pearl Earrings so the greater the price of gold pearl the higher this is inevitable.

In addition, the Nanyang gold pearl is very rare and rare, not easy to make them a lot of jewelry, Gold Pearl Earrings or even string into a necklace is not so simple thing. From a lot of pearls in the selection of a string of symmetrical golden pearl necklace, is really difficult, Gold Pearl Earrings often takes 6 months to 12 months. So according to Xiaobian in the understanding of the string into the price of Nanyang gold pearl necklaces are generally tens of thousands or even more than ten million or more. Currently on the market gold pearl jewelry is generally more pearl rings, pendants, earrings these pearl-shaped pearl jewelry.

It is understood that the pearl market is now in the rectification period, Gold Pearl Earrings a lot of businessmen do not understand pearls blindly involved in low-cost purchase of low-quality pearls as high-quality pearl sales to customers, due to market pressures, many businesses in order to keep the interests, Gold Pearl Earrings also have to buy poor quality Of pearls, selling prices, and like Hunan Iris Li pearls adhere to do high-quality pearl brand, do not want to compromise, from the interests of the pearl origin from the purchase of the best quality pearls to ensure that consumers buy to the Value of Nanyang gold pearl jewelry. This is also an important reason why the market price of Nanyang Golden Pearl is uneven.

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