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Gold Pearl Earrings Different Occasions

Pearl is the most famous ancient Chinese treasures, Gold Pearl Earrings up to the crown, robes, down to the necklace, are decorated with pearls, it is crystal white, rounded soft, dazzling, people regarded as wealth, well-being, perfect, pure symbol. Pearl is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, but also by the people as jewelry queen June birthday stone wedding anniversary of the twelfth anniversary of the token. Japan, the Philippines, France will also be pearls as a national stone, pearl as a noble jewelry by the people of all ages, it is a symbol of identity, but also to meet people eager to have the value of precious precious treasures, Gold Pearl Earrings wearing pearl jewelry, And a medicinal function, it can be described as priceless.

Ear-shaped or long hanging pearl earrings can be suitable for different occasions. Gold Pearl Earrings Office dress is simple and serious, wearing a pair of earrings pearl earrings, women can be soft to subtle expression of the way, but also make your office dress is not so serious and too hard lines. Gold Pearl Earrings Long hanging earrings are more suitable for wearing a dress, when the earrings in the earlobe and neck between the swing, can add dress and feminine feminine beauty.

If the earlobe muscles are too long or too small, Gold Pearl Earrings you can use the round or geometric lines of the earrings to cover the earlobe.

Darker people: suitable for wearing light-colored pearl earrings, some dark pearl earrings can also choose to wear, but with the clothing to be with a good Oh

If you are wearing glasses, the best choice of small, close to the earlobe pearl earrings. Big or pendant pearl earrings and glasses not only may compete with each other's attention, but also gives the feeling of cumbersome.

Light color of the people: should choose dark pearl earrings. Gold Pearl Earrings Depth contrast with each other in order to produce better results.

Skinny white people: lucky you actually any color is appropriate friends, together with white, pale pink, gold and other pearl earrings, very beautiful to say ...

Pearl jewelry has always been a rich, complex, and elegant logo. Gold Pearl Earrings When it comes to buying a pair of earrings, a lot of things to watch out for, including cost, purity, settings, and size.

In general, the size of the pearls is based on mm, according to experience, 3 mm to 5 mm pearl general rule is small, and 6mm to 7mm size is moderate. Pearls are larger than 7mm are classified as large.

According to size, color, quality, Gold Pearl Earrings and your budget. This is the common metal used to make jewelry sets including silver, gold, platinum and platinum. Antique jewelry manufacturers also like to use a variety of antique silver design. The average cost of these earrings depends on the size and complexity of the design you choose.

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